P.O. BOX 3540 Douala
+237 675 96 24 44
+237 699 98 15 63
+237 662 41 69 74
Email: , , ,
Twitter: @premiermedical2
Web site:


3 thoughts on “CONTACTS

  1. Good morning,

    we are a group of brokers who are specialized in international transactions and now we are looking for new clients in your area.

    We are in touch with a lot of manufacturers for these goods:

    – Covid-19 Rapid Test Kit
    – Gloves
    – No contact thermometer
    – Goggles
    – Face shields
    – Mask
    – Other medical device

    All the products have CE and/or FDA and/or other local certificate and our prices are very competitive

    If you are interested in this project or you have other needs, feel you free to contact us.


    • We at Aarchin, are complete solution provider of medical devices worldwide. Our portfolio is diverse, with range of products in the field of vascular and interventional access, surgical, anesthesia, cardiac care, urology, oncology, neurology and pharmaceuticals.For more details please visit our website


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