Mandela Day 2015: South Africans Donate Medical Equipment In Cameroon.

The Djoungolo, Olembe District Hospital in Yaounde has benefited from the South African High Commission in Cameroon’s special gifts, during the celebration of the Nelson Mandela International Day 2015.

Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela

The South African High Commission in Yaounde decided to celebrate the event on Thursday, July 16, 2015, two days ahead of the internationally chosen day for the event. During the celebration attended by Cameroon’s Minister of Public Health, André Mama Fouda, The South African High Commission in Yaounde, donated medical equipment to the Djoungolo, Olembe District Hospital. These equipment include: Neonate Bilirubin phototherapy equipment, bathroom scales for mothers, tongue depressors, syringes, blood pressure and weighing equipment, as well as toothpaste and tooth brushes, which are all destined for newborn babies and mothers.

Hospital staff, mothers of newborn babies, patients and the local population was overwhelmed with the gifts, some of which were handed directly to the concerned during the guided visit to the various wards by the High Commissioner Zanele Makina, accompanied by Minister André Mama Fouda, as well as some local administrative and traditional authorities. The Director of the hospital, Dr Yakana Elysée, who took the visiting dignitaries round the different wards, said the equipment offered came to bailout the health structure from some pressing needs.

Justifying the choice of the hospital for the celebration of the event, the South African High Commissioner to Cameroon, Zanele Makina said they were highlighting and trying to eternalize the legacy of Nelson Mandela who had concern, cared for and suffered for humanity. She added that Nelson Mandela made key sacrifices for other human beings.

The Nelson Mandela International Day was decided by the United Nations General Assembly in 2009, and is generally celebrated on July 18, which coincides with the birthday of the South African peace and justice crusader and former President, Nelson Mandela.

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